A Word From Pastor Califano

Greetings Fellow Christians, 

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! 
(This greeting is appropriate throughout the Easter season – until Pentecost) 

Reflect with me: 

What happened after that first Easter day? 
How did Jesus spend His time? Following are a few ideas which I have concluded. 

1) Jesus “showed up” – after the day of resurrection, Jesus spent 40 days (Christians identify and observe it as Ascension Thursday, this year, on May 26th) easing His followers doubts, giving them direction for their future. Jesus didn’t announce His love from heaven. He showed it on earth. God, in Jesus, does the same today, hearing our prayers; and healing our hearts.

2) Jesus “modeled” Community – He spent time with people to show He cared. As followers, you and I are called to intentionally serve others.

3) Jesus “comforted” those in sorrow -speaking words of life and peace. As our Savior, He hears our questions; and resolves our confusion.

4) Jesus “redeemed” mistakes – we can trust God’s power, through grace, is made perfect in our weakness.

5) Jesus” instructed” and “empowered” – He directed the remaining Apostles to “go and make disciples of every nation”. It is our “job” to show people what it means to know God; and to make God known by our words and actions. 

Easter day may have passed, but the message for us matters everyday throughout the year. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, you and I are able to receive God’s grace, feel His presence; and be reassured like never before. 

May the assurance, joy; and peace of the resurrection give us hope every day. 

 Pastor Califano 

The Rev. Dr. John A. Califano