A Word from Pastor Califano

Fellow Christians, 

The second reading for this past Sunday’s worship service is recorded in St. Paul’s 1st letter to the young Christians living in Corinth (Chapter 13:1-13). 

Most of us may be familiar with the text – either remembering heard it read in church, in a Bible study, a daily devotional; certainly at a wedding ceremony. 

Students of the Bible are in agreement that Paul composed one of the most cherished chapters in the New Testament, sometimes referred to as “the hymn to love”. 

Since the decorations surrounding our Holyday / holiday, Christmas, have been packed away, the commercial world has bombarded us with Valentine “stuff” – not the same “love” to which Paul referred! 

Recalling my seminary training in preparation for ordained ministry, specifically studying Greek, and the New Testament Scripture, I learned that the Ancient Greeks used 3 different and distinct words to describe the various facets of love”. A nuance or variation of this Greek word (as used by Jesus, and Paul) translated as “love”, also was “charity, caring; performing a kind act (to another person)”. 

This aspect of love comes from God poured into our hearts by the Spirit, we bring it into the world by sharing. Recall the admonition of Jesus, “love one another as I have loved you”. 

With the expanded translation of the word (love), hear Jesus inviting “care for one another, as I care for you”. Paul concludes his lesson, “faith, hope; and love abide…the greatest of these is love (charity, caring; performing a kind act for another person). 

Something to think about…..better yet, act upon! 

In Christian love,
Pr. Califano
The Rev. Dr. John A. Califano