A Note from Your Vicar

Welcome to March. I like March. It always has interesting and sometimes wild weather, and it is filled with the in between. We are in between winter and spring. In between lent and Easter. A lingering time of contemplativeness, expectation, and quiet. We are still walking our journey to the cross. What do we do when we stop and rest from our walking? Prayer, fasting, journaling? The list is as endless as our own imaginations. In Bible Study we are discussing a book written by Max Lucado called “Help Is Here”. I wanted to share with you something I loved from it

“God’s plan is reduced to one strategy: ordinary folks telling the extraordinary story of Jesus with the extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit.”

Folks just like you and I on our own special journey sharing how God has impacted and changed our lives. Sharing our “God moments” big and little with people we encounter along our journey. We all have moments that we just know were orchestrated by none other than the Holy Spirit trying to get our attention or to direct our paths. They hold a special place in our hearts and memories. If we make space and time and perhaps bravery to share with others it could make an impact on other lives as well. If we don’t pass the story of the good news perhaps no one else will. 

I hope your journey is going well and that you are making time to receive more special God Moments along the way. I hope your journey is bringing you peace and insight. My prayers and thought are always with all of my journey as well. 

With Love and Service

Vicar Missy 

A Message from our Vicar

Dear Grace Family and Friends

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits. I am having trouble fathoming how it is the year 2023 already! Where are all the robots and flying cars? How am I heading to the age of 51? Time races on ready or not. I hope we can find some time to slow down together this year and enjoy being family together here at Grace. I pray that we can learn more about Gods word and his plans for us. I wish that this year brings all of us many joys and reasons to smile. I know that I smile every time I think of all we have accomplished together and all that is to come. I know I have a lot to learn still, and I will continue to have missteps but together we can accomplish great things. So, hats off to a new year and the continuation of our legacy here in Johnstown. May God bless us all richly.